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scribes_shelter's Journal

Good writers. Great advice. Awesome people.
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A haven for all kinds of writers who need a little jump-start or support
Are you stuck on a poem? Is the perfect lede eluding you? Is a history essay getting you down? Are the plot holes in your short story so big you can drive a small truck through them? Do you want to share a completed piece or work-in-progress but don't know who to trust? Don't worry. We've all been there. And we'll do our best to help you out while offering encouragement all the while.

The Scribes' Shelter is a place for writers of all kinds -- students, songwriters, poets, journalists, bloggers, fiction writers and more -- to share and discuss their ideas and works in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. Any and all written works are welcome here.

The main purpose of this community is to allow writers who might be a little protective of their writings to open up and share their scribblings with others who are just as apprehensive about exposing their literary children to an audience. Please keep in mind that everyone has different strengths, different interests, different areas of expertise, and different degrees of experience. No one's expected to gush over every post, but keep all criticisms constructive. Many writers are beings of fragile egos, and outright attacks are in no way welcome here. A negative environment does not foster fresh ideas.

Suggested reading lists, writing exercises, wandering discussions and a host of other treats have the potential to crop up if community interest wishes it to be so. Don't be afraid to start a discussion or pick the collective brains found here.

If you think this community is a good fit for you, then please feel free to join! Introduce yourself if you'd like, get to know the other members, post progress of your current work or just offer friendly advice to someone who needs a hand. Be as involved as you'd like. The only rules (so far) are no idea theft and to respect those who have the courage to share their writings with the community. Outright attacks will not be tolerated.

Questions? Comments? Love letters? Drop me a line at crisis.with.a.backbeat@gmail.com

Just so you know that we kind of know what we're doing

Madeleine (tangerinedream) holds a bachelor's degree in English (creative writing track), which is really just another pretty thing living on her bedroom wall. She has been a professional journalist since June 2006, is a certified writing tutor and has taken more writing classes than you can shake a really big stick at. She currently works as a copy editor/page designer for a daily newspaper, though she fails miserably at catching her own typos. She decided to give fiction writing another go after years of creative stagnation and churning out countless articles; the birth of this community soon followed.

naiadiseult is love (and I'm sure will write something more detailed about herself when it tickles her fancy to do so).