harry potter

two quick pieces

So... hoping that there's life in this community, I'm posting two pieces. Both are flash fiction, I think they're both around 300 words at the most. Read and enjoy!

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And this, a little ditty that might sound familiar if you know anything about my personal life:
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harry potter

a silly little piece.

Hi, guys.

So, uh, I don't get much time to write fiction. And while I do consider myself a decent writer, I get way too stuck on the same situations and character types. hat being said, here's a little piece that pulls inspirations from my two most over-used and abused subjects: lovestruck fools and college. Oh NOES!

Please, any constructive criticism is welcomed; just keep in mind I'm more embarrassed/shy than anything to share my fictional writing with others!

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death star

thing of the undefined time period, #1


When tangerinedream  started Scribes' Shelter, I thought it might be neat if there was a sort of regular thing relating directly to the art of writing.  Two weeks and one convoluted explanation
later (which LJ mysteriously ate), here it is. 

The Thing of the Undefined Time Period, edition number one: "The Thing" because not every one likes writing prompts, and I'm not clever enough to come up with interesting (or very clear) questions.  "Undefined Time Period" because time and the interwebs are not friends in my world--but I'll try very hard to do at least one a week.

Also!  Thank you celticsuccubus  for your bravery and posting the first piece!  Hooray!

(more on that below...)

First, maybe a round of introductions?  It seems like we all know tangerinedream , but
not each other--I'm down with sharing the voices in my head just as long as I know what types you lot are.  Alternatively, you could just skip to the discussion thing below (second el jay cut down).

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Now, as promised, the Great Big Discussion Thing!  Hooray!
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from delicate_iicons


so. here's something maybe a year old. i was watching the oliver stone movie "the doors" and this was inspired by val kilmer's face and jim morrison's attitude.

A collection of lines, hollows, and shadows begging for bisection. The relax and clench of the smaller muscles in his neck and those at the corners of his square jaw—blunt enough to add maleness to the rounded pout of his swollen lips. Hunched shoulders protecting his heart—beating in a thin cage of bone and skin. Stomach and hips pushed forward to remind you of his proud sexuality, strutting with need. Arching his back to stand arrogant, wide-shouldered and thin hipped; as beautiful as a Greek charioteer. Dreamy slow, drugged movements of his head, tilting like a dog at the smallest noises or movements of interest.

Nothing gentle about the way he touched you; as draining and insistent as a cancer. Selfish and rude kisses, wrapping his body around you to keep himself alive. His chest studded with coarse black hair, burning your skin with stubble as he panted lovelovelove into your ear as hot and heavy as his body. As familiar as your own voice.

You are willing to forgive him anything for the pleasure his physical beauty brings you.

He sings to you and his voice roughs over the high notes, becoming a hum rising from the depths of his straining throat. It is sex floating, invisible smoke building up in his lungs and released—steaming—into the chilling air. It boils into your ears, causing your panties to dissolve as you tremble, waiting for the last note.

You fell for how it felt. You wondered if you were one or many, a singular or plural recipient of his lavish affection. His amazing charm.

Hello. I love you. Won’t you tell me your name?
i've written pages upon pages

Greetings, all!

Hey everyone!

So.... welcome to the Scribes' Shelter. I don't plan on being too terribly hands-on with this community in terms of maintenance, unless you guys actually are interested in the occasional writing prompt or whathaveyou. Besides, you all know how chronically unreliable and disorganised I am, and I don't want this to wind up as just one more thing for me to neglect.

I don't want to force anyone to participate more than they'd like. If you want to just contribute suggestions to improve a piece, that's dandy; if you're more interested in perusing and waiting until you're ready to post something, that's fine too. I want everyone to use this community however it best suits the individuals, since I'm sure we've all developed our own little eccentricities as we've developed our writing styles.

I also wanted to know what you guys expect from this community. Would you all rather the posts default to members only (jacket not included, sorry)? Do you guys want to do little intros every time someone new joins so everyone knows where each writer's coming from? Do you guys want me to be turbo-anal about community organisation (I'm thinking memory categories for each member or whatever)? I want everyone to feel as cozy and safe as possible, so let me know whatever I can do to accomplish that.

Also, feel free to invite anyone you'd think would be a good fit for this community. And if you'd like to see certain interests added, please let me know (don't worry, Twin -- I've already got "thesaurus rex" covered).

That's really all I've got for now. And thanks for being interested in this idea, guys. Given the people who expressed interest in this community, there's gonna be loads of awesome and talent here.